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Good afternoon from Northumberland

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Good afternoon from Northumberland, Its been excellent weather but the sun is just peeping through the clouds today. Chickens are happy sunbathing in the sun that is when they are not helping me.The tulips are on their  last legs but they have done me well for cut flowers in the house.the trees are in full blossom and the grape vine in the green house in growing at a tremendous rate. I will keep you up to date with the vine. I was also thinking of the grapes last night when having a glass of vino tinto.







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Our vine looks the same Peter, but it's outside. We'll pay the price for mild weather later though as it will be too hot to be in the garden and we will have runout of water. But we will be gathering moss as we are going to change all our nest boxes (10) from shavings; moss is free, the hens like it, it needs clearing off the fields anyway.

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