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Poorly Hen

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Hi All,

I have an ex batt who is around 3-4 years old now. She has been poorly for a week now. She had a very swollen chest area and was very lame. I massaged this area and it became looser and she was coughing up dark fluid as it was coming out.

I have read that this could be an internal breakdown of the organs, she is now slightly more perky and stands up and looks like she is trying to clear her throat a lot of the time. She does move around more and i have seperated her from the others into the garden area as some where starting to pick on her.

I am loathed to take her to the vets as they are pretty clueless when it comes to chickens and will charge a fortune. I also dont like to see her suffering but she is still fighting and i want to give her every chance.

She still sits around most of the time with her head down but will look around the garden still, shes not eating much from what i can see but still drinking.

Any suggestions here or any real hope of recovery?

Many thanks

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Hey, welcome to the forum. 
Hybrids and ExBats aren't bred or longevity so she's done well to get to this age. I would guess she has an abdominal mass or reproductive disease but dark fluid doesn't sounds great; when you say chest could it have been her crop?

Chickens are quiet stoic so given how unwell she looks I would guess poor prognosis but try and get her eating and have a look for a chicken savvy vet if you can.

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