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Pot Roasting Advice Needed

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The Hubby brought home a joint of salt beef yesterday, with the instructions from the Butcher that is should be pot roasted for 2.5 hours, with veggies added for the last hour.

Now, I have never pot roasted before, so I have a couple of questions.

Firstly,should I use my brilliant metal casserole pot & lid, or a ceramic one, or will it not make any difference?

Next, do I need to add a stock or liqued to it?

Lastly, I am assuming as its in the oven for a long time, it needs to be on a low temperature - 160 or something?


Thanks in advance :D

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I pot roast brisket in the winter, this is how my pa used to do it- brown the joint all over in a metal dish with lid, get a mix of root veg (carrots, parsnip, spud, onion, swede) and chuck in with a couple of fresh bay leaves and black pepper, add enough water to come half way up the meat and put in a low oven for 3-4 hours. The veg turns into a lovely gravy which you can reduce by removing the meat and putting back on the hob, my dad used to add cornflour but I dont.

We serve it with mash and steamed shredded cabbage.

For salt beef, I think if you soak it overnight it should be fine.

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Oooooooo, it was luvverly, it was :lol:


I am now full of gorgeous hot pot, red wine & frehsly baked poppyseed & lemon cake :P


The Hubby is in my bad books.He wanted me to make this meal but is not home yet after a day of helping a friend with a roof, which meant a day off work :evil:

I think proper family meals are really important & I like him to be here for them.

It especially annoys me if he is not late because of work,but because he has been chatting with a mate :twisted:

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