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2 hours ago, Cat tails said:

You would just end up with a clumpier mud I think.

 Place your coop and run on paving slabs and if you consider using aubiose, your run needs to be dry. 

Absolutely - my runs are covered with clear tarps and on slabs with Aubiose as litter - they are brilliant... dry and no smell at all.

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My run is mainly on hard clay with aubiose on the top.  It’s covered top and two sides permanently with covers available on the third long side in really torrential rain.   The clay is so dry it’s like cement.   I have slabs round the outside perimeter and half slabs round the inside.  Nothing digs in.   

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Where my walk in run is going to be placed, the grass is not even and not too far down in the soil if I try to level it, it’s rocky, so is there anything I could do as I don’t think laying paving slabs will be an option unless we hire a digger to level the grass/soil but that’s not an option at the moment.

Thanks 😄

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