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Wood chip help please

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Newbie here again! I’ve just had a big builders bag of wood chip delivered from a local timber company. I checked it was natural and hardwood and no leaves but forget to check the size. Now that I’ve got it I can see that there are quite big bits in it. Does it matter? Obviously will take out the really huge bits but wondering about whether really has to be between 5mm to 30mm as I’ve seen advertised?  It’s to go in the classic run and around it. Photo to show area it’s going in. Thank you 


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Thank , it will probably be a while before I work my way through this lot but will do .

25 minutes ago, Patricia W said:

If you need any more, check out Bark UK.  They produce hardwood chips especially for chickens.  I us them in my outside uncovered area, but have aubiose in my covered run.  


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