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Homeschool chicken keeper

So confused..is the pic of a walk-in run??

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Hi! My lil ones are only week old chicks. I have 6 chicks. They are:

1 polish

1 buff Orpington 

2 silkies 

2 Sussex 

first of all, is the cube ok for this many? (First time chicken keeper)

Secondly...So, I ordered Eglu cube Mk2 With 3 metre run. But now I’m having second thoughts, so I was thinking to purchase a 1metre run extension.

then I found this....


I’m confused what this is, is this a built in walk-in which is 2 metres and attaches to current walk in? I don’t get it ( I would like a walk in but not too big,this looked perfect) it doesn’t have much description)


please help! Need to order soon!

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As cattails said, it’s not a walk in run, that’s just the regular run that comes with the Cube and attaches directly to the house - the same as the one you have but not as long.

Getting a 1m extension to your Cube run to give you 4m will not really be enough run space once your 6 girls have grown up unless they are going to free range a lot.

Others will disagree, but I’d recommend a lo rise walk in run. I’ve had one for about 5 years and I think it’s brilliant. It’s not really walk in because it’s only about 4 feet high but because I’m only 5’3” I can easily move around in it - I didn’t want the full height one either. Omlet say you can attach it to a Cube run, but I have done so very successfully using cable ties.

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As has been posted above - that run which you link to is a standard run for the mark 2 cube, it is neither and extension nor a walk-in run. Walk-in runs add extra height and a little extra in footage, but it is important to remember that these little ones will grow up to be full-sized birds, and that you need to allow for them to be in the run 24/7 at times - this will happen more often than you expect. There will be days when it is raining all day, days when you are out all day and not back before dusk. There's also the omnipresent threat of Avian Influenza in the winter, so you need to allow for more than enough room in a run, and a clear waterproof cover over it too.

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