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Cube coming tomorrow - I hope!

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Our cube is due tomorrow :D:D


I'm a bit worried about the couriers though, our house is hard to find (yes right on a main road but hard to find!) if you use satnav you end up right outside as there are just 2 houses with our postcode. If you look it up on a map its clearly in the service road BUT still people can't find it. I've found a lot of courier companies don't use sat nav ,interlink couldnt find us and DHL couldn't find us when a different bloke was on our route. What are my chances with Nightfreight? Do they call the contact number?? :?:?


I want it here tomorrow, even though I probably won't have time to put it up before next weekend.

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It was a green one in the end, we got a recon so that was the colour we could choose. It was a toss up between green and purple. I'm a huge purple person, purple streaks in my hair, purple sparkly DM's, 2 pairs of purple crocs....BUT our eglu is green (Ebay bargain!) and I painted everything in the chicken run green when I built it so green does go rather well in there. I even bought a couple of green tubtrugs for use with the chooks. (I also have a purple and pink one, although about to buy a brown or cream one for logs). So green it was.


I like a bargain me, I reckon if I sell the Eglu next spring I should be able to make a slight profit on it (it was a week old when I paid £250 for it and now I've used it for a few months so in VGC) and as the recon Cube was just £335 it hasn't really cost us very much. Mind you Mum (the anti chicken) is thinking maybe we should keep the eglu for introductions!!!

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