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keeping one hen with one cockerel

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I have a lavender Pekin who is now on her own as her last pal died and I wasn't planning on getting any more bantams as I have moved on to full size chooks,( light Sussex cockerel and 4 girls) who are in an adjacent run and have a different free ranging area.   It is not possible to integrate her with the flock, but someone nearby is looking for a home for a young Pekin cockerel.  I know a cockerel should really have 2 or 3 girls but I have also heard from more than one person who have 1-1s that work well.  Does anyone have any experience with a set up like this?


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I had a Cockerel, Phillip, with a flock of 6.  They slowly dwindled to 3, only one of whom was laying.   I felt it unfair to keep him like that, plus he was wearing the one fertile girl out!  So I rehomed him via a FB page HPG Cockerel Rehome.   He is now in the lap of luxury with 10 girls on a National Trust estate.   I feel guilty I didn’t do it sooner!  

As for your situation, Pekin Cockerels are not very ‘rampant’, but she may get ‘over-bothered’.  Not very fair on him either.  I’d look for another solution. 

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