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Could do with some tips please...

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I am away on holiday for 2 weeks as from next weekend and although I have two lovely ladies coming in daily to see to the girls I am going to have to move them for safety reasons [they can only come once a day and I am worried about foxes].....I dismantled some of the pens [which are coming down when we get back] to make plenty room for them and I am putting the eglu itself in the run. I will have to give them the traditional feeders for chickens as the grub and glug will not fit on the mesh which is on the cattery.

Have you any tips on how to make the move less stressful for them please?

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Personally i would move them a few days before your holiday so that they are in their new place and still see you about.


I shift my cube and eglu around the hen hotel quite often and they dont seem to mind at all so hopefully your girls will feel the same.


My glug and grub didnt fit on the weld mesh of our run either but i just tipped the grub onto its back and the chooks love digging into it for food :D


Have a great holiday - going anywhere nice?

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Yes off to Cornwall for two weeks!! Can't wait..It has been a very stressful year in one way or another.

Thanks for that. I will be able to move them tomorrow hopefully so I will still be around to help them settle in.

I just know I am going to worry myself sick while I'm away about them. No one looks after my girls as well as me...and if what if they don't like the two ladies who are coming [a week each]? :roll: Is anyone else like this if they have to leave the chickens?

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Is anyone else like this if they have to leave the chickens?


Yes - I was very worried but all was well. In fact, our neighbour 'spoilt' them with long chats every afternoon !!


I wrote down a (long) list of requests. Although it might have seemed very 'demanding' it helped as a check list, re-assuring them that they'd done everything.



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We are worried about our holiday at half term. We need a break but we are considering driving back midweek to do the poo tray and wash the feeders and drinkers because we feel it is too much to ask a non chicken keeper to do this.


How many chickens do you have ? (5 from signature ?)

My 2 can easily go a week without removing poo tray.

When we went away for 2 weeks, out neighbour simply tipped poo tray (with aubiose) into bin bag and left for us to deal with. We left a measured amount of aubiose to put back.

Do they have any other pets - are they used to cleaning up stuff ?


Seems a shame to have to drive back



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t we are considering driving back midweek to do the poo tray and wash the feeders and drinkers.

Glad I'm not alone in these worrys :lol:

I'm not going to be able to \come back from Cornwall too easily though.

One of the ladies has just been around for a cuppa and to see the chickens so I could show here where everything wil be.

She bent straight down to stroke Tallulah who then jumped up and pecked her nose :roll: ... Brought tears to my eys just watching. ...anyhow I feel a little bit more relaxed as it hasn't put her off and she blamed herself.

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I only empty our poo tray once a week, it really doesnt' get that full (sorry to be a bit graphic!!)

I was really worried about leaving our 2 when we went away from Thurs to Sunday night and left a list out for our friends and said they only needed to pop over Saturday just to top up their food and water and give them a treat, but they ended up going over Friday Saturday and Sunday and let them out for a run around each day and chatted to them so they weren't lonely!!

We were so happy they made the effort, our girls will stand outside our backdoor and shout for us when we're not in the garden with them they really like company so we didn't want them getting lonely with us being away!

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