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Nightfreight delivery any one else had trouble?

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We have just had a run converter and a couple of other bits delivered by Nightfreight. The order was supposed to come on Friday and didn't without any explanation. I left a message with Omlet on Saturday and they got back to me this morning saying that the courier had given no explantion and it was definately coming today.


I have just left another message with omlet because the box that everything arrived in was in such a state. I have never seen such a damaged box it looked like it had been out in the rain all weekend and somebody had had a fight with it. Amazingly the run converter looks undamaged but there are no clips with it , the other items ( including a bag of 50 clips fortunately) were sealed in a plastic bag so they are ok.


I felt it was only fair to let Omlet know how their couriers are treating their products.

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Yep I was pretty discusted with their service as well, only half turned up on the delivery day - the boxes looked like they had done ten rounds with Frank Bruno, four different parts were missing, unsuprisingly really considering how little cardboard was left from the fight :twisted:


I too rang Omlet but they said that Night freight were "The best of a bad bunch"


I am due delivery of an eglu tomorrow - some time between 9am & 6pm (thats another day annual leave taken uneccessarily) so wish me luck perhaps I might have a better experience this time round :)

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As for them being the best of a bad bunch, in recent months


  • Citylink couldn't find my house
    DHL couldn't find my house (the regular driver could but the sub couldn't even though the office printed a map and stuck it on the parcel)
    One I cant' remember coudn't find my house
    Ocado had to phone
    John Lewis had to phone (but they were right outside!)


and ALL had 0870 numbers to call to arrange redelivery or collection. :twisted::twisted: Oh and one was about a 50 min drive away too...


Nightfrieght delivered on the right date, before 10am and found my house without even calling for directions (Actually had satnav - others don't!). Also I called before the delivery to check they would find it OK and they had a LOCAL number!


So for me they really have been the best of a bad bunch. Only people who better them are good old Royal Mail (who know where my house is and send my post in a van with my wonderful postman Jan!)

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I once sent display stand to Germany via DHL. They lost it. I had the paperwork in front of me when I was phoning their useless call centre and the girl said "oh it will probably turn up, it'll be in the corner of a van underneath something, its such a small package at just 60g". NO it was the size of a wheely bin and weighed 60 kg which was clearly written on the package.


Still I benefitted, after we got a new one I had to drive it to Germany in future, that meant a 3 day trip - Club class on Eurotunnel, nice company Galaxy, 2 nights in a nice hotel, all expenses paid (and I used to take the hubby) just to put up and take down a display stand.


Now why did I leave industry and go into teaching.

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Not only did Nightfreight deliver late they also could not find the house. I will admit thet our house is a bit odd because we live in a cul-de-sac that has the same name as the road it is off so is confuses people. The guy ran me when he was coming along the main road to check where on our long lane we are and I gave him full instructions and went out to wait on my drive - in the rain! He drove into the cul-de-sac and turned round on my neighbours drive (who hates people doing that - foruntately he was out)He had one of those vans which shouts to the world that it is reversing. After making a complete hash of turning round he then drove off which had me confused so I went back in the house to 1471 the phone then rang his mobile to ask where he had gone his answer was oh I thought it couldn't be down here he didn't explain why he then slowly and painfully reversed back down to our house.

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I was told night freight would deliver my eglu (made sense their depot is just round the corner from my work) but a different delivery company delivered it on the wrong day then had to come back on the right day (i'm guessing night frieght passed the delivery on to them as Omlet were sure that they were the delivery people they had sent it through) though I was lucky no damage to anything and the other company were very nice they just hadn't been given the right dates.

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