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Can a MK1 WIR be connected to a new WIR?

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I am selling a 2m x 2m WIC. It is a MK 1 run. I have provisionally sold the run but have an extension piece that is 3m x 1m which is a newer run that was purchased 2 years ago that the buyer is interested in. Can the newer WIR be attached to the older runs? I think that if you take out the middle roof piece then the newer extension would be 2m x 1m. The original run size for the newer run is 3m x 3M.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Not sure if this was sorted. I have a Mk1 cube and 3 metre run. I Have attached it to a low level Omlet run (woild be a walk in run if I had bought higher...hope that makes sense!!)

As the posters above have said you can do anything with cable ties!! 

Mine has connected lovely with no extra bits needed. A little push down on top of Cube run to make it flush but has holded lovely for last 12 months. 



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Nice to know.  I’m thinking of selling my Mk1 WIR but want to keep the connecting section and the cube.  

I had an interesting experience with the WIR this weekend.  Some of you may remember I covered the top half of the run with small gauge weldmesh to stop small birds and rats getting in.    I knew it was still vulnerable to baby rats as the lower half although a smaller gauge still lets them in.  But I thought it was impervious to small birds.  Very important if we get another Avian Flu outbreak.  However , this weekend, we found a blue tit in the WIR!  The only way it could have entered was via the lower half.  So, it leaves me questioning if the Omlet WIR will meet the requirements of DEFRA if we get another outbreak?   

I opened the stable door by the way to let the blue tit escape! 

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Thats interesting. I only have the low level/low rise and never found a birds in it...well only once when the door was open!  The gauge size is quite small, was it a baby bird? 

 have about 15cm covered all the way round at the bottom to keep the wood chip/amboise in. So maybe that deters?  


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Meant to say on the topic above about connecting a MK1 run to a.low rise omlet run I would say is the Omlet Low rise I have  s 2 panels wide. The Mk1 run is wider than one section but smaller than the two.so whilst it connects great height wise with cable ties you do have the run with a small section that is covered by one of the panels of the low rise. Gosh not even sure that makes sense!!!! 


My Low rise is 2 panels wide

Mk1 run is probably 1.5 panels wide


Ha ha probably confused you! But if you want a pic let me know!! 

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