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General squabbling - what's going on?

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Significant other half wants to know whats going on with the hens. I think they'll calm down but here's the story so far.


Hens and run arrive Saturday @18 weeks. 2 days later the Sussex that looks older starts stamping her feet, running round with her head held low and squaring up to the other three. When she does it to the Bluebelle, they jump in the air and ruffle their capes. The other three seem to think this is great fun and are now doing similar.


Also the sussex's never say a word, the Maran clucks when she's being annoyed and the Bluebelle emits almost constant, quiet cooing noises. Very cute. Why the difference?


Otherwise all is going brill. They're munching through my salary well.



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:D They're just sorting out the pecking order, which is perfectly natural & necassary to them. So, the "squaring up" etc will certainly calm down soon, when that's established.


As for the different voices; I think it's fascinating, some of mine make completely different sounds "words :oops: ) to the others. I'd never have imagined this before I had hens!

If I was blindfold in my run with 9 hens I could 100% identify 4 of them individually, separately from the other general sounds.

Hey, wouldn't that be a great TV challenge! :lol:

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.... and the Bluebelle emits almost constant, quiet cooing noises. Very cute.




My Mendlesham Blue (same as a Bluebelle) does that all the time too! She even talks back if you make chickeny noises too her.


I have no idea what I'm saying to her, I hope it's polite! :anxious::lol:

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