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Avipro for diorrhea?

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Has anyone used this?

one of my three has had diorrhea for about three days now, seems ok otherwise. They were all wormed with flubenvet two weeks ago but only she has diorrhea. They had nettex gut revitaliser in water during and after worming, as well as bokashi bran every day.

gave them kefir yesterday also, not sure how long to give her?


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We use it and it works, but we only give them layers pellets and don't feed them anything else. Just one dose should see a result after about a week. Best added to the water in their drinker at the concentration suggested, so use a small drinker as it doesn't go very far. You may find that the Nettex, bran and kefir are unnecessary and may be causing the problem?

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they have had bran for months without issues, she has only had diorreha since having flubenvet... either that or she has eaten something... saw her eating hydrangea leaves... not sure if this could be it? the there two did also and they don't have diorrhea though?


the only eat chicken feed, no scraps. They aren't interested in fruit and veg anyway, the only thing they like is spinach and my lawn!

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