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We had lovely play sand in a dust bath when we first had our girls, over 10 years ago now, the kind of sand from a golden beach.

It turned horrible and yucky after a short time.

Next we bought gravel  - a complete waste of time too - also turning yucky and horrible.

Best thing we bought was hardwood wood chips from Flyte So Fancy - they are on their 4th year.

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I ended up with the Lowes all purpose stuff and the tarp is over the run mostly when it rains and off when no rain but their Omlet Eglu has the tarp always over that little 3' run that sticks out. So far it has been 2 weeks and I have raked and done like I would cat litter every Saturday and it has been great. Before it was a muddy mess in the dirt and did not like them in the flood waters. My land is ag land and really hard to find a level spot and just so much bad weather here in NC husband no time when sun is out to level something for me. I made the best of it. Now no more flooding and it stays dry unless the rain is sideways. I do want a 20' long by 16' ot 30' wide tarp so I can cover the entire roof area. The one we have now is 15' long.

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