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Brent Jeffs

Where are my eggs?

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We have 3 chickens (now aged 2.5) and having all been pretty proficient in laying for their first 12 months, we have been averaging around one egg per week between them - what's happened, what's gone wrong, what can we do to remedy the situation. I would say that all 3 remain very lively and don't appear to have any health concerns. They have a nice home, plenty of room for exercise and we spend the money on providing them the best food possible. Does anybody have pearls of wisdom or ideas as to what else we can try? thanks

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Are they hybrids or pure breeds? Both will slow down their laying over time. But hybrids aren’t bred for longevity, but for egg production, so they burn out faster. Pure breeds will stop laying over winter, so don’t expect too many eggs till about March.

When did you last worm them and what other food are they getting? Too many treats will make fat hens and fat hens don’t lay eggs either.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply - the older hens (2.5yo) are hybrids and all laid well year one and only one lays now- We had expected longer.
Millefleur wyandotte bantam pullets which are pure breed.  e were told they were 14 weeks when we got them 15 weeks ago.  We suspect they were a lot younger as they were hold in the hand sized.  

We worm with Flubenvet feed every 3 months and their daily feed is Copdock Range Layer Pellets which they all seem to love.

They are all good sizes, free from lice, the big 3 have very red combs and wattles and the little ones are redder than when we got them but still paler than the others.

We have added vit d to the water and gave them mealworms- nothing seems to work.

Whilst they are pets we got them for the egg laying and 1 every 2 days for 6 chickens is somewhat dire.


Any advice gratefully received.





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Well if you want eggs, wyandotte bantams aren’t your greatest choice. They are prone to broodiness and probably won’t lay till the new year. 
Chickens are individuals and you can’t make them lay eggs. 
If you really find this a problem, you should cull birds after 2 years and replace with a strong laying breed like ISA browns.

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I often ask the same question about eggs :lol: My Pekins are not the most reliable except for being broody of course.

I have had 6 chickens at one point but never got 6 eggs in one go - the most I got was 5.

I love getting their eggs but it is not a problem if we don't get any.

As Cat tails has said, it's probably because of the age of your chickens. Can you find a farm shop that sells good eggs while yours are having a break ?

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