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help needed-goose with a splayed leg

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October's Practical Poultry Mag has an article entitled "Standing Firm" which among other things, refers to splayed legs and aparrently goslings are particularly vulnerable.


It suggests that a simple but effective treatment is to "hobble" the bird by tying the legs together with soft string to prevent sideways movement of the legs, but so that the bird can still get around.


Also, there is an artlcle ...HERE... worth looking at. It's about pea fowl, but there is an illustration to give you an idea.

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How old is the gosling? - it really should be 'hobbled' soon after hatch. I've strapped up a couple of chicks using plasters (bandaids). You just wrap the sticky ends round the ankles leaving the middle strap to act as a 'brace' with the feet normal distance apart.

You can also put holes in a piece of sponge and push the feet through. Either method should be left in place for 3-4 days, then checked and repeated if necessary.

I had success with one chick, but the other was fine until 6 weeks old then the hip came out again and she had to be put to sleep :(

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