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Treating Sour Crop with Nystan...

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I found one our little rescues hunched and poorly looking yesterday. I brought her indoors and on examination she had a pendulous liquidy crop (couldn't feel anything solid in there at all). 

I had some unopened Nystan in from the last time she had sour crop so she's had 5mL twice yesterday and another 5mL this morning. (IIRC I gave her Dactarin oral gel last time and didn't need the Nystan) 

She is much perkier this morning. In fact I've had to bring her out of the conservatory where my husband is working because she's being too vocal while he is on calls! Crop is still liquidy but perhaps golf ball (from tennis ball). She won't drink anything but is obviously hungry. She passed brown liquid during the night. 

So my questions for any experts out there are... 

1. How long do I continue the Nystan? I only have enough left for another 3 x 5mL doses. Do I need to ring the vet and get some more? 

2. Can I feed her? What is best to give her? Do I keep her in until I see it pass out the other end? 

Any advice greatly appreciated! 😊

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I'd ring your vet for advice, a crop that isn't emptying can be caused by several things and if it's just full (and not smelly - sour crop) she may need alternative medication.

We aren't allowed to see chickens in practice at the moment (Avian Influenza Prevention Zone) so you may be offered a video consult or referred to an exotics vet.

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