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Victoria wheatley

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Hi, one of my silkie hens is sneezing, having researched everything I can I think she may have a respiratory infection, I have called my local vet and they do not treat chickens, so have rang around and the only one that will see her is astronomically expense just for the consultation Now I am a responsible owner however I have been furloughed and my husband out of work for year so funds are tight. I wondered if anyone had any tips I could try first and see if she gets better? Many thanks 

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Sneezing chickens could mean many things - allergies, viral, bacterial infection etc - if it's been going on more than a week I'd get booked in with the exotics vet as she may need some medication from them.

Some people recommend Oregostim tonic for respiratory cases but I've not used it for many years

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As Lewis said, sneezing isn't necessarily a respiratory infection, in fact far from it. The most common reason for sneezing this time of year is conifer or silver birch pollen. Another reason can be dusty feed so a good point to start is check that, clean the feeder and sieve out any dust. You can boost the immune system with 0.5mL of Cod Liver Oil (with multivitamins is best) dripped carefully and slowly into the beak as there is a risk of choking. Give this once only. 

A respiratory infection will be accompanied by rattly or wheezy breathing and green poo. If that's the case antibiotics are the only option and often they won't be effective in an advanced case so vet treatment must be immediate. One cause for that is black mould spores in the coop caused by condensation; a common problem after a damp Winter when chickens have got wet or there is insufficient ventilation. The inside of the coop would need to be washed thoroughly paying particular attention to the roof and walls. Damp bedding can also be a cause.

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On 3/19/2021 at 6:18 PM, Cat tails said:

Have a look at nutridrops. Those will support a hen that is feeling under the weather.

Otherwise see if you can get a phone consult with a vet further away that will treat hens.

Maybe @The Dogmother or @Lewis have any other suggestions.

Nothing really to add to this - it could just be a cold or allergy, but without experience, I'd suggest that you get her to an avian vet. If it is an infection, she will need antibiotics pronto.

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