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Not going into coop at night (not all)

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We have 4 hybrids around a year old who have consistently went into the coop unaided. Since the lighter nights and especially since the clocks went forward, 2 chickens (not the same ones) want to roost in the enclosed run on the high branches. Only one chook Aretha goes in now. There’s no issue when we guide them down, but think they would stay if we didn’t put them to bed. There’s no sign of bullying, predator signs, just a bit unsure of why the change. I would have thought if they got a  fright all would not want to go in? We could leave them in the run, roosting on the branches but that would leave Aretha closed in the automatic door. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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One last question, we have an auto door, do I still let that close ( leaving one inside) or leave open? Would the hens ever pop to bed after dark? As I’m typing I feel this is a ridiculous question 😂. As always thanks for both your amazing support and advice. 

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