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Look at us now

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Thought you might like to see how much my girls have grown.








From top to bottom they are Nellie, Peggy, Hazel, Nancy and Dottie.

They are all growing really well, or so I thought, until I weighed them today - Peggy has lost 60gIs this usual ?

I know sometimes they don't actually gain too much but I didn't expect one to lose weight. 

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Nellie just makes me laugh - she is just like a living duster.

Hazel has the softest feathers of them all closely followed by Dottie's.

Peggy is still so sweet and Nancy is just Nancy but a curious, odd, fluff ball.

Nancy will sit on your lap for ages. She cuddles against my tummy on one side and snuggles into my hand on the other. 

2 minutes ago, Cat tails said:

Nellie looks a bit like a small vulture on that photo! 😂
Sorry Nellie!

They have nice red faces! Mine are not nearly as far in that!

Yes, my DD said the same - I told Nellie not to listen to her :lol:

As for their faces, they are usually more pale, but when I pick them up they go very red - maybe they are just embarrassed by their chicken mum.

They have grown a lot and it's not so easy to fit them in my hand any more.

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