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Hello,  I have had my two ex battery hens since 2019 September.  Blue and Roxy.  I did have three ex batts but lily went blind and paralysed a month ago.  Anyway we have a new 15 week old warren hen and named her Lily.  She has been with the hens two weeks, separated at first but now not getting pecked as much.

They let her eat with them.  Shes quite a confident friendly hen and for the first few days we kept her in the kitchen. 

We have an eglu go up for the house and the other two go in and I have to coax her in as she still is a bit afraid of being pecked, but once its dark enough they are dozy so dont bother pecking her.  Once she is in and I stroke her, the automatic door shuts and shes ok.

I leave her each night, and watch her go up the ladder but if she gets scared she goes back down and sits on the ground in the corner of the run.

I have joined on here as I have left facebook for good, its got too negative so as I was a member of the ex battery hens forum which was brilliant, Im missing the group.  There is a lady called fiona on there who has a blind hen called Skye.  The group was really good so thats why I have joined here.




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