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Chicken with a limp

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Hello all,

It's been about 10 days now that my 15-month-old Sussex is limping. 

She's usually a very active chick but now she just stays quiet in her corner. She's otherwise feeding and drinking well enough, no eggs though.

I checked her feet and didn't find anything amiss. For keeping balance, she often opens her right wing but never the left..... 

Could it be a wing problem? What can be done?

Thank you for the attention.

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I had one where she pulled a muscle from being chased by the chicks I introduced at the time.

She limped for quite a while but I knew what the cause was.

If yours is definitely limping then it is probably not going to be a problem with her wing.

As it seems to be going on for quite a while I would perhaps take her to the vet for some painkillers and anti inflammatory medication - they might even be able to tell what is wrong with it.

Is she old ?

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Thank you for your answer. 

She's 15 months old. I did another check yesterday, the weather was less worse, she is limping less i sprayed some antiseptic around her feet, even though I don't see anything amiss.

I'm trying to find a vet but they keep turning me down, only cats and dogs...


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No, I live in France, in the Limoges region.

I think i finally found where the problem is, I noticed a swelling in the joint of the right thigh (I dont know how it is called) . Anyway, it's swollen and hotter than the other side, not red though.

I started giving her an anti-inflammatory drug (Advil) we give for children since friday and I massage with arnica cream twice a day. But for now, she is still limping, otherwise she feeds and drinks normally.



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@Suzana I to live in France in Lot et Garonne and have also found that the vets are not chicken friendly however one of mine has recently had a limp and I spoke to the vet and although he wouldn’t see her he recommended a quarter of an aspirin every 24 hours I put it in a raspberry and she eats it all. She is still limping around but not as bad and I wonder now if she has just got used to limping as she runs for corn

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