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Chicken wants to roost outside.

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Should I be worried about the following;

One of my hens (I have 4 in total) has decided she wants to sleep outside for the past two nights. Rather than going in the coop she chooses a perch which is about a metre off the ground. This is in a secure walk in run. Concrete base, 1/2inch by 1/2 inch1.6mm welded mesh etc, full roof and bolted doors. 

The girls are around 27 weeks old now. I've had them for since the end of March 2021. 

The coop is certainly large enough for all of them and more. It's a greenfrog one and cleaned weekly and treated for mites.  

The run is 9 square metres and is 100% fox and rat proof. Multiple feeders/drinkers and platforms, deep hardwood chip floor.

All the girls get on with very little conflict. I'd say the hen in question is certainly not the bottom of the pecking order. Maybe even second from top. 

I'm in the SE and the weather has got a bit better the last two nights but surely not enough to cause overheating. 

Should I be worried about my my girl wanting to be outside at night? I'm confident she'll be safe from predators but not sure if being outside alone is an alarm bell for something else. 

As always. Advice very much appreciated. 

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1 hour ago, Cat tails said:

Some just prefer to sleep al fresco. Some even do this year round. If you are sure she’s safe, I really wouldn’t worry and just let her be.

Maybe she is just queuing early for the breakfast bar? 😅

That's a relief. Thanks very much :)

I'm as confident as I can be. We had a fox visit a few times and make attempts to get in. He/she failed miserably and the chickens just ignored it. I went over the top with security thankfully. 


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