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Russett Blue hen not laying blue eggs

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I bought some more hens yesterday and one of the group that I purchased is a Russett Blue. In the coop, she was in, there were blue/green shelled eggs that the hens in there had laid. Today, my Russett Blue has laid an egg, but it is not blue, in fact far from it, it is a beautiful pink shelled egg. 

I have looked at images online of this breed and she is definitely one of these. Have I managed to purchase a Russett Blue hen that lays 'normal' coloured eggs? Or could it be due to her young age and that the colour will develop?

It won't matter of course, as she has fitted in beautifully and seems a friendly, happy hen.

Many thanks.

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The names created for hybrids never ceases to amaze me! Her eggs won't change colour, but the most important thing is that she has fitted in and you haven't got problems. Coupled with that she's friendly and happy so I think the egg colour is immaterial. Sounds like a wonderful addition to the flock and enjoy her eggs.

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