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real annoyed!!!

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Ive just got the washing out on a WoolMark wool cycle, and its shrinked my fav best merino wool wrap grey cardi.


i could cry :(


i know its silly but i am really GRRRRRRRRRRRR annoyed!


it would just fit a 6 yr old.




Then to top it off, my family [ that i havent seen or spoken to for 8 yrs] bake cakes for a very very very famous 'farm shop' that they sell in MAJOR supermarkets, and they have been labeling them as FREE RANGE EGGS , and they are using BATTERY EGGS!


can you see why i dont speak to them! LIARS!


My dad told me, there his in laws! He cant stand them either.


Love L xxx

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Oh dear, I thought from your other post thinks were going well today (business).


I remember my "fluffy" but useless favourite cardigan that shrunk during my first year at university. :(

Surely incorrect labelling is illegal, and you or a friendly omlet forum person could leak details to the right person....

Chin up, by the sounds of it you've got a lot on at the moment. Hugs.

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