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Laura & CTB

Seems like lots of our girls need one of these!

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thanks guys, she is so sweet too- at first she was the most nervous because the other girls picked on her a bit but we sorted that out with the addition of extra feed stations and a bit of re-organising the run and now she's the boldest.


She is the first out in the morning and last in at night, legs it round at top speed, nearly knocks me over for treats and is just the pluckiest, cheekiest, most adorable little girl in the world! She had a dust bath yesterday for the first time and was covered head to toe in mud, hilarious :)


She's still pretty featherless but I can tell they're starting to grow back, will take a while though. I do worry about her feeling cold but it doesn't seem to worry her in general, I just hope her feathers grow back before it starts to get really cold.

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Oooooo shallot needs a mini leg warmer tube thing for her little neckie, bless her! I can knit one, but I'd need to know roughly the circumference of her neck - we wouldn't want it flopping about now would we?

Perhaps there is a business oportunity to be had here......Chookie Fashions International!!!!

Aww bless her. I really can knit her one if you like!



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