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Guest Poet

I'm feeling poorly so....

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I think the only thing that will cheer me up at the moment is pics of your coops/run arrangements, I love to see other people's set ups and I've already looked at the 'run inspiration' thread but need more! :)


Please cheer me up, I'm not well :(:boohoo::vom:

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Sorry you're not feeling well.


If it helps, I have no life so have been spending time perfecting a shoe rack for my girls (not for their shoes, obviously, as a perch :lol: ). Trouble is, they keep managing to knock it over - how, I don't know, they don't weigh more than a sparrow between them :? .


When I've finished the prototype, I will add it to my photos! (And you can admire my fetching hemcore protection scheme in various shades of :vom: green.)

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oh, sorry you arent well


Ive got some treacle toffee in the cupboard, its a bit soft (totally not smashable - but it was my first attempt) ill put the kettle on :D


you will need to hunt down our pictures they are on the forum somewhere - I dont know how to put new ones on :oops: (best not say that i'm an IT teacher :lol: )





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Ughhhh, I feel awfull today as well.

Feel better soon!!!!


Here are some piccies for you:

You might have seen them before though.


The run (with Mr Over-The-Road's house)



Group photo:






Chuffed with their new extended run:



Clover forraging in the autumn leaves:



And a video of the girls:





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thanks guys, if I'm gone for a while or don't answer your posts it's only cos I'm under the weather. I'm hoping to be able to post intermittently but we'll see.


Love looking at your pics, I keep looking at pics of my girls when I can't go outside to see them, silly aren't I! ;)




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I have some piccys of my current set up in my gallery, link below.

But, exciting things are afoot in our garden 8)


The Hubby has begun taking down the pool which we didn't use once this year apart from watering the garden with it :roll:

That will leave a nice big,bare 14 ft round space, where he is planning on bulding a new hen pen for my girls.

It will have a pointed polycarbonate foor, & will have a segmant sectioned off inside,like a slice of cake,for the Bantams.

I am also hoping that I can keep the Eglus out of the pen,which make cleaning so much easier. They will be raised on stands again.


Can't wait :P:P:P

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We've got the cube with 2 extensions on it so it is huge


No pics though yet, must get some done, too busy at the moment, I never seem to have a minute


PS Hope you feel better soon Poet, best wishes

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Hi Poet, hope you're feeling a bit better.


Why a picture of a shoerack would help in any way I can't imagine :? but I'm very proud of my creation and am very glad to have a willing victim to share it with :lol:.


Am also proud of self that can now post photos within a post - took a few attempts to get it right!



"Mum, are you sure this thing's not going to fall over again?"



"Come on up you two, the view's great from up here"

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Really sorry your feeling under the weather... Hope it's nothing to do with the clocks altering. Quite a few of my freinds have said that they have been out of sorts this week.

Anyhow my new chicken Des Res arrived today


I have just had to show the girls where they go to bed! :roll:


I think they are a bit shell shocked .

Will be keeping my Eglu for the time being as I could well be persuaded to get some chicks. :D

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