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'Undershot' ex-farm chicken

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Hi, we have just added two ex-farm hens to our existing two hens. 

The ex-farm hens have been debeaked, but one has a very long lower beak. It looks like as well as the top beak being artificially short, the lower beak has not worn and is excessively long. It looks likely to make picking anything off the ground very difficult. 

Can I trim the lower beak to bring it back closer to the upper one? How far can I go (I've not looked closely enough to see if I can see the quick yet).?

Most of the advice I have seen to date talks about trimming the upper beak - I'm just looking for reassurance that lower beak can be safely trimmed. My instinct is to file it, but that might take forever so I may need to trim. 

Any advice will be very gratefully received. 

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On 10/8/2021 at 7:29 PM, Cat tails said:

Never done this, but know vets use a electric trimmer like a Dremel for trimming beaks of birds.

But if she can just still eat well, I would probably just leave her. Maybe give a deeper feeder and drinker.

Thank you, I've kept an eye for a few days and she gets on ok although she can't pick anything off a hard surface. But in her environment it shouldn't be an issue.

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