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Introducing a new hen

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i have 3 omlet girls and have just bought a new maran she is bigger than the other three but still lets them push her around and Cluck my head girl is purpously chasing her as soon as they get anywhere near eachother! :evil::evil: so i dont know what to doo. shal i leave them together or should i seperate Spark the maran again?


Please help


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I would seperate and then do a gradual introduction.


When we got our new ones we seperated them for when they slept and also when they were confined in the run. We then let out the new girls to free range whilst our original chooks were left in the run and then we would swap them around. Eventually after doing this we then let them all free range together (with supervision). They then get used to each others smells etc and after about 10 days we could let them free range together quite happily. I reckon after about 2/3 weeks they could probably share the same house/run but our 2 new ones have their own eglu so they still sleep seperately. :)

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I've just successfully introduced a new hen to my flock of 6. It took a week.

I popped the new one in every night after they had all gone to roost so that they were together in the cube at night.

I then removed the new one before letting the other girls into the run in the morning and kept her separate. They had food and water in close proximity but with the wire in between so that they could see each other and 'seemed' to be sharing food and water.

I had them free range separately.

After three days of this I let them range together, with supervision and lots of interesting treats, dried meal worms, corn, a whole cabbage cut into chunks. After three more days of that I let them go to bed together. She is still bossy with them but they are jelling nicely and she is with them all the time now.


Best of luck



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