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Fowl pox? Something else?

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They do look like scabs to me, hopefully someone else will come along and agree.

I expect one of the others gave her a couple of pecks.

I would imagine if it were something else she would be looking poorly and hunched.

Is she eating and drinking ok ?

Keep a close eye on her just in case.

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She seems to be, I've seen her do both and she was happily pecking away at corn etc. Fingers crossed it's nothing too much to worry about then, I haven't seen pecking between them (we only have 2 chickens) lately but they do have a ... Chequered history!

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Just scabs from minor injury which should drop off in a few days.

Fowl pox is very different. The scabs are very big, with raw flesh areas and don't go away. We had what we thought was a case once and couldn't treat it with what we had: nothing worked and we were trying for 6 months. But the strange thing was the Orpington cockerel was with three squabbling Wyandottes and three Orpingtons. When we removed the Wyandottes the area on his comb healed up in a week and the scab just fell off, so clearly the condition was stress related.

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