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Cold Weather: do I need to close Eglu door?

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On 11/28/2021 at 10:37 PM, Cats&Chickens said:

Thanks, they have aubiose bedding in tray under the rungs. 
if I put straw in there they just eat it…

they seem fine, one is moulting and being pecked so was a bit worried about her being cold…!

I maybe wrong but I don't use straw as the only time I used it I found red mite everywhere shortly afterwards ...

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I've been closing the only pop-hole normally left open (in a very secure enclosure) from 5C. It's forecast -4C tonight and we are bringing our bantams into the garage with thermostat controlled heating set to 8C, because we know they do suffer from cold and they are getting quite old now. If it gets much colder than that we will consider bringing others in.

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