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carboot disaster.....

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following on in a way from Clarets thread re the strange weather today. I posted this on another site about my day in the North...



« CAR BOOT SALES anyone????? »--------------------------------------------------------------------

No thanks not me thank you!

Not after today anyhow.

When I have finished therapy I may well be persuaded to do another one...who knows?

To cut a long story short ...spent yesterday evening at my sisters house having taken a good selection of carboot goodies up there with the intention of carboot today at Sedgfield race course [last one of the season.]

[Did rather well up there earlier in the year taking £170 on the day.]

Not today though....started off OK ..got there really early eventually allowed in to set up ...had a few customers and it happened.....

The tail end of the gales from Scotland I imagine ..

Decorating table took off ...crockery smashed ....jewellery which I had spent the night before pinning to a cork notice board "Frisbeed" around the carpark only to boomerang back after some time minus most of the jewellery and only odd earrings left.


Started to pack away as it got worse and worse and other peoples stalls were collapsing all around us.

Bottom fell out of a box which my sister was trying to put back into the car while I held the table down. [More broken ornaments]


Ended up driving to the nearest Charity shop and handing over what was left [minus the smashed stuff of course]


Total money taken?? £25 Oh well with the entrance fee of £10 and the cost of diesel taken off I suppose I made a £5 profit.


Give me a drink someone Plleasseee



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Leann and Connie

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Oh dear I keep thinking I will do one but you have just pursuded me to put do ANYthing else with it. Charity shop freecycle or free to a good home on here


Its only the second one I have done so as Chelsea has said you have to take the rough with tthe smooth. Now I have had a stiff drink after my journey home from there I can laugh about . At least the charity shop is going to benefit after alll. :D

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oh no ... I did three last year, to help a friend who was trying to raise money for the cat sanctuary where she works (she doesn't have a car, so needed to borrow a 'boot'!)


Never, never again ... unfeasibly early starts, followed by hours sitting in the car waiting to be allowed into the field to set up. Then as soon as you open the boot, other carbooters crowd round before you can get the stuff out, one woman picked up a box with a china dish in and promptly dropped and broke it :evil:


And we couldn't believe how mean people were! Wouldn't even pay £1 for brand-new soft toys - and we had posters everywhere saying it was to raise funds for a charity! I'm afraid it really soured me for the whole experience.


having said that, another friend came one day and sold lots of baby clothes and toys, and she did really well! I don't think I could be bothered in future though, I'd rather give stuff away.

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I've always done well in the past, but I do 2 maximum, then take the rest to a charity shop. I think that baby stuff and children's things go the best.


I am always astounded at the grabbers there who always try to beat you down; I have a lower price that I am prepared to go to for each thing, and if they're not interested after I've got down to that price, then they'll be off :roll: I had some taxi driver trying to get me to go below £5.00 for a brand new, boxed trolley jack - I'd already come down a couple of quid... told him to sling his hook :roll:

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