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The things children say

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I picked up a discarded 'Sun' newspaper on the train today, and on the letters page was a story that went like this:


My five year old daughter pestered us for a watch and some perfume for Christmas, then spent the whole day saying "listen to my watch, smell my perfume". I asked her to stop saying that to our guests, so she came out with "if you hear a little noise and smell a little smell - it's me!"



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When Devon was at nursery school I remember her coming home & as we passed a field of cows,she screamed 'I DON'T LIKE COWS!!!!!'


I asked why & she said they eat people :?

So I asked shy she thought this & it turned out they had been singing Ring a Ring Of Roses, & the second versre is ' The cows are in the meadow,eating buttercups'


She had heard it as'The cows are in the meadow,eating people up'


We still rib her about it now :lol::lol::lol:

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I went for a jog with my 5 year old today and some teenage guys spat as we ran past , so i told my little fella to run ahead , why i gave these 4 lads some mouth !!!! my little fella came home and told mum what i'd said word for word :silenced: .........didn't think he could hear me anyway the maid wasn't best pleased :(



Then he told me he though mummy was a better driver than me cause she didn't hoot at everyone when they got in her way ...


KIDS DON'T LIE :lol::lol::lol:

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My nephew (4) was told that he could choose one firework to bring to our Bonfire Party - he insisted that he wanted the one "with baked beans" :shock::?


He went on about this for about two weeks - no-one knew what he was on about.


Eventually, my sister remembered that last year, he'd chosen a firework called Jellybean :lol: The picture on the box was a lot of jellybeans :lol:

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Oh I remember the jelly beans box!! We had it that same year!!


We were in the car not so long ago and my daughters were arguing, as they often do, I can't remember what they were arguing about that day but basically one of them had annoyed the other, and the other as revenge had done something else and they were both trying to justify themselves with the fact that the other did something wrong too... In exasperation I just said 'Hey, two wrongs don't make a right, remember?'

To which, instantly, my oldest replied with a huge grin : 'True, but three rights make a left'.

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