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No eggs

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We picked our girls up on 7th October. I know the cochins, brahmas, pekins and buff Orpington bantam are too young to lay but the two hybrids were pol. However,we haven't had any eggs yet. My Mum-in-law keeps telling me that we have had bonfire night, etc. that would upset them and that it's the wrong time of year but other people seem to be getting eggs. Any ideas?

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You've definitely got them at a duff time of year, but don't give up. We're ony getting 3-4 eggs a day from 7 hens, then yesterday we got 5 eggs out of the blue, and one of them is a speckled egg so who knows who that came from cos we've never had one of them before! They can just lay one out of the blue in the shorter days, then none again for ages I expect. Also POL is not an exact time, we got all ours at POL and some started the day we got them, others we waited weeks for, (one still hardly ever lays the lazy free loader - we suspect she was actually older than sold)


Hope you get eggs for breakfast soon!


Mrs B

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