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"We do not buy at this door " cold caller stickers

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What HAS happened to my nice sensible thread about cold callers?


I put the blame firmly in Grahams corner :roll:


By the way, thanks again for the stickers Clare :D

I might have known I would get the blame! :roll: S'Ok, I don't mind being the forum's "whipping boy". :? (Is it Whip or wip?)

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Yeah, I know. You've got to love the "organic" nature of these threads though. They start off on a perfectly sensible topic and then grow into something completely different. Actually, would that be "grow" or "mutate"...... :?:D

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We have put a sign up on our door which my husband made up and laminated, which reads,


"No charity envelopes unless they have money in, and no menus please."


its in big enough letters and everyone who comes over always comments on it, so why do we still get charity envelopes and menus come through the door??????,

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