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Sewer like smelly gooey dark green runny poop

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Hi all, I noticed one of my Pekin Bantams has very runny dark green smelly poo, it literally smells like very stale, bog or sewer waste… it is very strange and worrying. I know it’s not cocci or worms because the whole flock have been recently treated for both. Or at least I hope they have!? She has a messy bottom as well but not horrible, as in not quite vent gleet yet. She is fine otherwise, eating and drinking well, still laying every other day and she is the feisty alpha of the flock ( even bosses around the large Cochins!). I tried to get a vet to see her but don’t have any available around until next weekend and in all honesty, vets here in UK run with the speed of light when you mention backyard chickens to them!? Unless you mention “avian flu” they all go from corner to corner . So here I am, seeking help from you who are more experienced and have seen it all in the chicken run! 🤩👍🏻 Thank you

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Hi CatTails, they were given Flubenvet feed for 7 days, they finished four days ago. I say I hope they were all treated because I don’t know how much they actually ate!? I stopped all treats during the 7 days. For Cocci they were given a medicine designed for pigeons but the vet I spoke to assured me it is efficient with poultry as well. It’s called Harkers. 

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