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Humbug's been to school!

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Hi all.


Took Humbug into school today as George has been desperate to do a talk to his class about his beloved chooks.


Was feeling a little aprehensive as he is in a year 5/6 mixed class and I wasn't sure if they would be interested or not.


Well I was :shock: - George had prepared a very interesting talk about keeping pet chickens and about the battery farming industry versus free ranging and the WHOLE class sat enthralled and couldn't wait to ask questions at the end.


Humbug behaved impeccably and let everybody have a stroke (being at the bottom of the pecking order I think she quite enjoyed being centre of attention :D )


The teacher then closed the talk with a discussion about empathy and asked the children to think about what they had learned and tell their families so that they could make informed choices about which eggs to buy in future. It was so 8) .

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