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Respiratory illness in hen

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Don’t know if anyone can suggest what might be wrong with my pekin bantam?

I found her on Saturday morning, lying in a corner of the run, gasping for breath. I really thought she was about to die so brought her inside and made her comfortable in a pet carrier. By the end of the day, she had perked up and was eating and by the end of the weekend she was strutting around the kitchen, demanding treats! I kept her in the carrier in the kitchen overnight and outside in a makeshift run in the garden during the day. Last night I felt like she was completely recovered, so moved her outside to a house and run on her own for the night. 

this morning she had relapsed and was in a bad way again, so she’s back inside. 

Her breathing is either an open mouthed silent gasp, or very noisy “snoring” - my husband described it as a “death rattle”! She is eating and drinking and pooing normally and otherwise looks well - red comb, clear eyes and nostrils. 

I am giving her a course of wormer as read it could be gape worm. Any other ideas what it could be? It was definitely made worse by being back out in the cold overnight. 

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