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Chicken keeping courses

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Just a quick 'heads up' for new and prospective chicken owners.


Karen and I are running some Hen Parties for new owners - they will feature all the essential information that you need to know from where to site your eglu or cube... to hen health and what to look for when buying your own birds.




Please feel free to ask me any questions about the courses :D

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i just wondered if you'd thought of videoing the course and putting it onto a DVD a charging a nominal fee to cover costs, or a bit more and donating to the BHWT. Then, those of us who live too far away could buy one, learn something and be donating to a good cause at the same time?

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It's a good idea, but I'd hate to be on the DVD. Perhaps you ought to suggest it to Johannes and they can film themselves at the mothership.


i'll leave that to you, James didn't get back to me last time i suggested something so i shan't bother ;)

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I have a couple of Hen Keeping DVD's.......at best they can be described as amateur. :?


I imagine they would be costly to produce.....I know I paid £20 + p&p for one of them...the other was from ebay and I think I paid about £8 + p&p.


Would Omlet want to make this type of investment I wonder.


It is a lovely idea, but if they are running a business, they will not want to put money into a scheme which doesn't reap rewards.

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