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Poor Charlie!

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Problem is this is a very rural area even in the town it is still rural this is 5 miles from where I live :?


Alot of the problems stem from people moving from big towns and expecting the same conditions here :?


I want a cockeral but my neighbours would freak and I am incredibly rural :lol:

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Poor Charlie :(


We have 5 cockerels within 30m of our (downstairs) bedroom window - we hardly notice them. I don't think they bothered Louise too much either when she stayed in August?


The rest of the article does mention unhoused geese as well though - I think the whole menagerie probably does make a racket :?

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There are 2 geese in the orchard behind my parent's house- I muct admit that whne I lived there I never really noticed the noise, I must have got used to it. My parents feed them all their veg s"Ooops, word censored!"s!

Edit- at the peak there were 5 geese, & of course these two remaining geese are not the original ones :lol:

They used to have a gander & so most years we had some really cute goslings.

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