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Preparing to lay

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Following on for the thread I recently hijacked. It seems a lot of us noobs who are waiting for our girls to start laying are wondering how to tell when its gonna happen and how far off it might be. although I have seen teh pics of immature chooks and mature layers with their big fancy combs, Im wondering what the progression is like and at what point they start to lay. so I thought I would start a refrence with my Bluebelle who I think will be the first to produce for me, then we can see how her comb and face appearance changes in the run up to that illlusive egg.


So here she is last week


And here she is today


Begining to look a little redder around the eye area.

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What a pretty girl - dark for a Blue Belle.


I think she is really showing good signs of maturity, but for me the best teast is the squatting.

Mine have always come into lay a few days after their first squat, with Clover laying today,the first day she has ever squatted for me :D


Good luck - just wait until the big day....you won't be able to wipe the grin off your face :P

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One of my hybrids has been squatting a lot. Last night she was squatting in the nest box for ages. Then she would move about and squat again. I was convinced that she was going to lay an egg. I even put the bread maker on and set it to finish at 6 this morning. Dippy egg & soldiers seemed a certainty. However, no egg. :(


Maybe next time!

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I've noticed a big change in the combs & wattles of 2 of my girls recently. Milly has also started crouching :dance: . Compare and contrast (I've uploaded wee pictures so they don't get confused with yours Catscube!). It'll be interesting to see whose hen lays first.


Maisie before:



Maisie now:



Milly before:



Milly now:



and this is Molly (on the left) whose comb/wattle hasn't changed much since we got her but somehow laid 10 eggs in October - then stopped.


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Oh yeah big difference especailly Milly, how far alart were those photos taken?


The skin around the eye erea seems to swell as well as become red, my girls dont have that yet (apart from buffy but I doubt she will lay this year now)


First photo was more or less the first day, 9th September, the second was today! She should be about 27 weeks.

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