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what am i doing wrong?

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i am getting rather concerned that i am doing something really wrong as i have had no eggs at all from my nine ladies.

i have two marans and a sussex that were supposed to be in lay when i got them (the marans are 1 year old and sussex just past pol) a couple of months ago but have not had any eggs from them. the eldest of the rest are my cream legbars that are 39ish weeks and the youngest are the norfolk greys and silkie that are 26weeks ish.

they have layers, grit and corn and s"Ooops, word censored!"s in the afternoon. i have two super glugs that i top up every day so its not lack of water. they have a huge run and were free-ranging (until the building work started a few weeks ago and the bird flu) and a lovely green cube to sleep in. i have tried rubber eggs and making a secluded nest in the run.

i have had eggs from hens before as i did have two leghorns that laid almost every day but when i started the big run and i begain the integrating them i discovered that they were not very sociable and even after several weeks the pecking was worse so i rehomed them with a lovely old lady down the road where they could live alone.


i know that the weather is a factor but surely i should have seen something by now :shock:

i love them to bits and the eggs are not really that important but i must be doing something wrong somewhere. :?

any ideas????????????

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You're not doing anything wrong at all, it really is a hit or a miss at this time of year - mine are all over the place at the moment. Of the hybrids, Jas is laying every day, bless her and Belle and Iona most days. Beauty has laid almost every day since i got her but stopped for a moult a few weeks ago.

I was getting lovely dark brown and blue eggs from Freya (Welbar) and Wendy (Cream Legbar), they have stopped this week! Ness, my Wyandotte is laying almost daily and I have an unidentified egg the last 2 days (maybe Eddi, the Buff Sussex).


So basically some of my hybrids are laying and some of my pure breeds are laying, some of my pure breeds were laying but have stopped and some of my pure breeds have started laying at this time of year when they shouldn't have :roll:


Confused?....you will be :lol:

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Henrietta and Lizzie haven't laid any eggs, to my knowledge, since end of July, apart from the appearance of a couple of "lashes" (September/October?). Last year, Henrietta stopped in the summer and only started again at the beginning of November whilst Ginger was as erratic as ever and Lizzie was laying eggs intermittantly, but enough so that we didn't quite run out.


I think the lack of eggs may be a seasonal thing, although I don't know if the age of our hens may also playing a part now as Henrietta is probably about 3 years old and Lizzie is probably around 2 1/2. Our little ones are still too immature to lay, but I don't know how old they are!


Hopefully, all our hens will start laying again soon.

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oh thank you for your comments, i am rather relieved as i have been really worrying about them, they seem happy enough and are wolfing the layers down probably because it is so cold at the moment. i thought i must be missing something somewhere.

will i probably end up with loads of eggs in the spring? i will be a shock when i find the first one. hubbie is convinced they are all cockerels, we did have two silkie cockerels that have now been rehomed and i am sure all the others are hens.

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Just to add we were getting 3 eggs from 7 hens, then yesterday and today we had 5 including a speckled egg from goodness only knows who, and a tiny brown one, looks liek something a hen would lay as her first egg, but all ours have laid before. We've just take in Dancing Gals four bantams which she's had a while but apparently she hasn't seen an egg from them!! Honestly, how's a girl supposed to make cakes! I've got two apple pies to make by Wednesday, better go have stern words!!


Mrs B

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I felt exactly the same as you do up until Wednesday....we have 12 hens and we hadn't had a single egg...ever!

We got one egg on Wednesday and two on Thursday.... and we reckon that the same hen laid both as she is the only one who is meant to lay dark brown eggs.


I felt really demoralised and that I must be doing something wrong but I think that it really is down to the weather and the dark nights.


Keep your chin up!

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