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little chickadee

Cream Legbars - can anyone post or link to a photo?

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i do really like the jasmines/skylines/etc! but I would really like to definately get blue eggs, and I know that they are not always blue egg layers. I think I'll stick to a pure breed to be sure.


Oh :oops: Sorry.......


I thought it wasn't definate that you would get blue/green eggs from cream legbar either? :?


Does anyone know?



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Heres my Clover,which seems to be a popular Cream Legbar name :lol:

She has just come into lay,has the softest feathers & is friendlier than I thought a CL would be :P

I have always wanted a CL,as I love the blue eggs & think they are such pretty hens too.

We got her just a week ago from Worldwide Poultry in Beaulieu,where he has heaps of POl Cream Legbars!




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the lady i got my cream legbars from said that once she had a cockerel that she did breed from that caused white eggs to be produced she said she had to rehome him. she said to look for blueish leggs as well as ears. i have three with blue ears and one with very blue legs so i hope one will lay really blue eggs. but to bE honest i bought them for temprement not for the eggs so i will not be devistated if they are any other colour. I JUST WISH THEY WOULD LAY SOMETHING!!!! :D:D

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I had a cream legbar, Phil, and I loved her to bits :D . Waited half a lifetime (OK, the best part of a year for her first egg.........I'd reached the point of thinking that she'd never lay :roll: ), but she laid brilliant eggs, gorgeous blue colour all through the spring and summer, stopped every October and took the winter off :roll::lol::lol::lol: . She was much more nervy than my other girls, definitely bottom of the pecking order, scared of her own shadow, never mind another hen, but she was so sweet and cuddly and gorgeous.


She's happy in a local petting farm now :D:D:D

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