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Direct Line/Green Flag- A Rant!

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This morning on my way to work the clutch cable on my car snapped :evil: I was on a single track lane and managed to coast to a passing place.


I contacted direct Line at 7.50am and gave them my details and also detailed instructions how to find me. The operator asked if I was a lone female when I said yes he said that the breakdown truck would be with me within the hour. Sat and waited and waited and waited. Needed the loo :oops::roll: so I had to dash up the road to the nearest village and ask at the Post Office if I could use their facilities :lol: At 9.15am the breakdown truck guy phoned me as he couldn't find my car :? He had been given the wrong location and was about 5 miles away. He eventually arrived at 9.35am :shock: and took me to the nearest garage. Talking to the guy as he towed my car I found out that he hadn't been called until 9am :twisted: that was 1hour and 10 minutes after I had called Direct Line :evil:


I am so angry :twisted: If I had been in the middle of a city or on a motorway I would have felt quite vunerable on my own.


I have been with direct Line breakdown for about 10 years and have never had to call them out. I have spent a lot of money paying for this service over the years and feel their shoddy service is not acceptable :twisted: I will be writing/emailing/ phoning direct Line for an explanation.


Eventually arrived at work at 11am, 3 hours late :roll:


Rant over :wink::lol:

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I had to call the AA out recently for a flat tyre (I know, pathetic female, but why have a dog and bark yourself!). It was in a city, granted, but they were there within 10 minutes.


Always been very happy with them. They once towed OH from Fort William to Edinburgh (over 4 hr drive) after he lost his keys after completing the Lochaber Marathon!

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Can't bear Greenflag - have been covered by them for the last 2 years (came with my car insurance), and have never had even half decent service. The first time I called them out was 4 days after a miscarriage, and chookiehubbie had suggested some retail therapy, to blow a bit of the rainy day fund, and cheer ourselves up, and the James-mobile conked out halfway to Livingston. Chookiehubbies parents came and picked up the children, while I sat waiting for 2 hours for the greenflag man to turn up, where upon he didn't even look at the car to try and fix it, but stuck it on the back of his van, and towed me to the garage closest my house (3 miles away from the house), then refused to take me home, despite the fact he was meant to, because he had another call out, leaving me to walk home, in tears. :evil::evil::evil:


The second time I called them out was when my exhaust fell off, and it took them nearly 24 hours to come out. Bunch of cowboys.....


The AA on the other hand have always been fast, efficient, courteous and very jolly in any dealings I've had with them. :D

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My breakdown man was very nice yesterday :D He offered to take me home in his truck after we had dropped the car off at the garage even though I only had a two minute walk :D


My poor car is still on the garage forecourt and hasn't moved :( The parts had to be ordered and sent from Glasgow.

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Shona, I've had similar with Green Flag. Blummin useless.


They came to pick my car up to tow it to the garage as I had a petrol leak - and no petrol. By the time they got to me, the garage was closing in 20 mintues.


I had Stefan in my arms on the doorstep with a raging temperature, throwing up over my arm and crying. The pick up guy insisted that I go with him to the garage so that if it was closed when he arrived I could push the keys through the letterbox. He wasn't at liberty to do so. I told him to either push the keys through himself or leave the car altogether. He then hitched my car up qnd drove it into the car next door.





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