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Kitchen Chemistry

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I promised to post this yesterday but ran out of time so here goes :shock:


How to turn a fried egg white green




Shredded red cabbage

Boiling water

Frying pan

Cooking Oil

One Egg




Boil the red cabbage for approx 20 minutes


Squeeze the juice from the cabbage once it has cooled into a jug


Heat the oil in a frying pan and start to fry the egg


Just as the egg is beginning to turn from clear to white drip a little of the cabbage juice onto the setting white


The white will turn lurid green where the juice hits it


Anyone for green spotty egg whites :?:lol:


Whats going on :?: The science bit :wink:


Red cabbage juice is a good indicator of pH which is whether something is acid or alkali :shock:


It goes green when exposed to an alkali and red when exposed to an acid :wink:


So now you can turn ammonia green if you want or lemon juice and vinegar red :lol:


I have a couple more eggy ones of these I will put another one in later :lol:

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Next one 8)


Sucking Eggs (or how to get a hard boiled egg undamaged into a bottle)




A Hard boiled egg (not too fresh an egg as you need to shell it)

A bottle with an opening slightly smaller than the circumference of the egg when it iis placed upright atop the bottle. (milk bottle is ideal for a regular egg maybe a wine bottle for a bantam)

Long matches




Shell the egg so the soft rubbery white is exposed


Place the bottle on a flat, flame resistant surface


Light a match and drop it into the bottle making sure it stays alight


Add a few more matches as quickly and safely as possible, if you can add them all at the same time


Put the egg pointed side down on top of the neck of the bottle


What will you see??


The matches will soon go out s they will be starved of oxygen once the egg seals the end and the egg will be pulled into the bottle looking a bit peculiar as it contracts in order to get through the neck of the bottle. :shock::shock::shock:


What’s going on??


The lighted matches heat up the air inside the bottle causing it to expand.


This means that some of the expanded air escapes from the bottle before the egg in place on the top


When the egg is placed on the top and the matches go out the air contracts again causing a lower pressure inside the bottle than outside


The greater pressure outside causes the egg to be forced into the bottle


Can you get it out again


Yes of course you can :lol:


Hold the bottle on its side and jiggle it so its narrow end is resting against the bottles neck


Turn the bottle upside down and form a seal between your mouth and the bottle opening


Now blow hard


Be careful as the egg can come out at quite a speed


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Expanding eggs




Raw unshelled egg

Jar of vinegar




Place egg in vinegar


Close jar


Leave for a few days :lol:


What will you see


Shell will disappear and the egg will swell to about twice its size (remember this is a RAW egg) :shock:


Whats going on


The shell (calcium carbonate) reacts with the acetic acid in the vinegar which will create carbon dioxide, water and calcium 8)


The water passes into the egg through the exposed membrane (the tough papery bit under the shell) :wink:


This is the process of osmosis (passage of water from a region of high water concentration to a region of low water concentration through a semi permeable membrane reducing the difference between the two) :shock:


Can you reverse this


Of course you can:lol:


Place the swollen egg in a solution of 75% sugar syrup and 25% water :?


After a couple of days it will shrink back to less than its original size as the osmosis works the same but in the opposite direction :wink:


I think I have too much time on my hands today :roll:

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Last one :lol:


Silver lining




A white or pale brown egg


A candle


A glass bowl




Light the candle and carefully hold the egg between your finger and thumb (may need to use tongs for this)


Hold the egg near the top of the candle flame (not in the flame)


The object is the get the egg sooty


Rotate the egg to cover the entire surface


Fill the bowl with water


Carefull place the egg in the water


What will I see


Once in the water the egg will appear neither egg or soot coloured


It will look silver with a mirror like quality :shock:


Whats going on


The egg is covered with a thin layer of bubbles because the soot repels water


Light passing through the water strikes this layer and is reflected back like a mirror


Eventually the air bubbles will dissolve and the shell will look sooty again


This egg is still edible


Strictly speaking this one is kitchen physics :roll:


Now I have to go and do some work :lol:

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Just so you all know I am not a somplete brainbox :shock::lol:


These all came from a book called How to fossilise your hamster :shock:


And just so you know that one involves finding the right type of hole in the earth and bunging your deceased hamster into it and leaving it for a couple of million years :lol:

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