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Chicken anthem- Here Come the Girls!

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Hello everyone,


I found the advert on You Tube - hopefully the link below will take you there, but if that fails, go to You Tube and enter "Here Come the Girls". If my hens could just get hold of a curling iron and a pot of body glitter they'd be carrying on in the same fashion as the ladies in the advert!



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Fantastic Poet!!!


Really very well done! :clap::clap::D


nothing to do with me, it was DH that did it :)


When or IF this weather clears up and we can get a video of them running, he'll do it again.


this one cracks me up, somebody's chickens dust bathing to that song "Flawless" by George Michael


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Poet not only is it great bu tit also highlights the BHWT for anyone who doesn't know about it!


Well done


If I may I will put this on my facebook page or you can post it on mine


DH just read that and says thanks :)


Anyone who wants to use it, please feel free, if you would like the file mailing to you, just PM me.


I'm going to post it on my facebook page at some point today hopefully and then I'll put it on yours :)

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