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First egg

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After weeks of despair :( and jokes from work colleagues (and the butcher every time we went to buy eggs) we have our first egg. :D

Not sure who is responsible though.


Was it Sporty Spice? Red comb lately, showing all the signs. However, the egg is dark brown and I am sure that the breeder at Merrydale said that her eggs would be cream.



Was it Ginger Spice? Another hybrid. Breeder said that she would lay brown eggs. Could be!!!


Or (slightly radical theory here) could it be Scary Spice, the Cochin? She is the only one out of the pure breeds who is old enough. However, what colour eggs do splash cochins lay? I don't know.


It is a small egg (47g). Is this because it's the first one from one of the hybrids or is it a little cochin egg?


Has anybody got any experience with cochins laying?

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We have also had a first egg today :!::D8) It is dark brown and small.


I'm puzzled as to whether it is Rosie (Roadrunner) or Pepper. It is the colour that Henrietta used to lay, but Rosie's comb is more developed than Pepper's. Both girls have been crouching for around a week now, so I've been expecting eggs from them.


As for Henrietta and Lizzie, I don't know if they will lay again and it was too small and dark to be Lizzie's anyway.


Does anyone know if Gingernut Rangers' eggs are always paler than Miss Pepperpots' eggs, or if it was only that way with our first hens :?:

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