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Plastic Chicken Ark, Not An Eglu

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Last night in a moment of madness I downloaded and printed a booklet for plastic chicken arks :(

It is here beside me. There is a phone number for supplier in Inverness. The phone is next to the booklet. Inverness is only 45 minutes drive away :shock:

The ark houses 12 - 15 chickens :D The ark is brown plastic :(


Help me :!::(:(

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Our other ark is BROWN - it's not too bad really.


We bought it for the 12 Dinners and it has been fine.


It is nowhere near as easy to clean out as an Eglu but it did hold 12 four week old chciks and then 8 as they grew to full size.


It lurks in the corner of the run and blends in with the bark chippings - I can live with it! :D

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