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I'm OK-You're OK.

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Just wanted to recommend a book :D


It's called I'm OK-You're OK and it's written by a man called Thomas A Harris. (Not the slience of the lambs fella).

It is basically a book about human psychology and it explains why people act in certain ways, why we think how we think and how we can change certain aspects of our own personalities.


I know a lot of people think that things like that are a load of old tosh but for those of you who are interested I would say it is well worth a read. Very enlightening :D


I got my copy from Amazon and it cost 1p. :lol:


The P&P was £2.75 but worth every penny.


It has helped me to understand other peoples behaviour which makes them easier to tolerate if you can see where they are coming from as well as helping me to see why I feel certain ways in certain situations etc.


Just wanted to share that :D

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reminds me of being told that when two psychiatrists meet they say;


You're OK, how am I?



Or should that be two psychologists?


whatever - its another one for the Xmas crackers, sorry Christmas, um, December festival, which may be pagan or may not.


I reckon my girls will be getting soaked out there - I bet they are standing in a little huddle under the Cube.


Must go out and see them.

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An excellent book - yes it is quite an old one, but still published. I totally agree Jay, it explains why people behave the way they do, especially 'game playing'.


Doesn't half confuse people when you refuse to 'play' the same game!


Must dig out my copy which I haven't read for ages.

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I agree - we have this book in work and its very useful!


No offence to any psychiatrists out there but............


Whats the difference between God & a psychiatrist?















God doesnt think he's a psychiatrist!



(This doesnt apply to all the psychiatists i know just some of them) :wink:

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:lol: @ the jokes.


The book is pretty old but humans are humans and I think that the basic ideas still apply.


It really has given me a fantastic insight and after reading the book you can actually see the things described actually happening.

I agree that it is brilliant when you do not play the games other people are trying to drag you into-it totally confuses them :?:lol:


I have read quite a few psychology books but this one puts it in a way that you can actually 'see' for yourself. :D

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