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Tessa the Duchess

Viva La Diva

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Anybody see the South Bank Show on telly last night, behind the scenes

look at the making of Viva La Diva starring Katherine Jenkins and Darcey

Bussell. I am NOT a Jenkins fan :( am a Bussell fan :) but I think the show

looks really great, is it still going? Anybody seen it? I should google really

but I find out most things on this forum :shock:



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I assume its still going, I only heard about it for the 1st time on the royla variety last night too,


It was Fab, I was impressed to see Katherine and Darcy Tapping (I know she is a ballerina but that doesn't mean she can tap)


I would love to see it


I was more astonished at Katherine Jenkins' dancing......very impressive as she is a singer.

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Karen wrote:


Claim to fame by default :oops: My sister made a film of Darcy Bussell when she was starting out on the Principal Ballerina type rolls, she said she was a really nice person :D


I've always suspected she was really nice. Also she doesn't mind laughing at herself, she was in a really hilarious skit with Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, she also did a very funny mirror dance with Dawn French on the Vicar of Dibley. I am definitely going to try and get tickets for the show, have to go with a g.friend not really DH's kind of thing :roll:



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